Doctor Sleep

When you Adapt a King’s Novel in the right way - 8/10

by This Is My Review

I consider “The Shining” as one of the excellent horror films in the history of cinema, it scares me way more than recent movies that call themselves “horror”. “Doctor Sleep” is not a usual sequel, it didn’t follow the same story but rather developed the main idea in a clever way and managed to directly relate it to the first movie. You can feel “The Shining” vibes in this one although the main plot was way different. Ewan McGregor’s performance was really strong, there is one specific scene in the second act that I loved, it was beautifully executed and acted. It’s not the kind of movies that uses clichee horror aspects to scare the audience, but they rely on the general atmosphere to create this “tension”. Surprisingly, the jump scares weren’t the main element in this sequel, but they were executed in a clever way and worked perfectly. As for the flaws, the first act was the weakest. The story’s Build up was too slow and uninteresting, even boring at some point. Things got way better and the movie became more exciting later on. “Doctor Sleep” exceeded my expectations, it’s one of these unique horror films that added something new to the genre.

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