Frozen II

Another enjoyable Disney Classic - 7/10

by This Is My Review

When it comes to animated movies, I have to admit that Disney knows how to offer something special to the audience. Even if their movies are flawed, they know how to add small details to make them enjoyable. “Frozen 2” had all the elements to become an animated movie that kids and adults can enjoy. Although it relied on many elements from the first film, I can say that this sequel tried to add new characters/storylines to become more complicated... and it was way too “tangled” in my opinion. A good animated movie should be deep and clever while trying to simplify things without adding unnecessary characters or events. Usually Disney masters this aspect and this could explain why I felt slightly disappointed after watching this sequel. They could’ve easily reached the same ending without all these twisted details and complications. This doesn’t eliminate the fact that the movie was entertaining and fun, the animation was really good (I can’t expect anything less from Disney). The use of colors and effects was more than amazing as usual. It had some really good messages and the songs weren’t bad at all. Despite its flawed storytelling, Frozen 2 was entertaining, I guess people will enjoy watching it just like the first one.

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