Charlie's Angels

A disappointing remake/reboot - 4/10

by This Is My Review

I love movies with deep messages but when it’s spoon-fed to the audience multiples times it becomes lame and loses its importance. “Charlie’s Angles” tried to use its main theme to send deep social messages while being funny at the same time but it failed on so many levels. Although the movie had multiple flaws, I can easily say that the script was the worst part. The story was unnecessarily complicated, with lame twists and no real chemistry between the characters which made me lose interest since the first act. Comedy was really bad, I can’t remember laughing at any joke or “funny” moment. I was really looking forward to see how Kristen Stewart will present this “unusual” funny character but unfortunately she was a bad choice. I couldn’t really sympathize with her because her performance felt forced. The only positive element I can think of is the fact that “Charlie’s Angels” had some rare entertaining moments and could be a crowd pleaser especially if audience are looking for a light movie.

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