A TRIPLE impact type of EXPLOSION! - 8.5/10

by SardonicA

What the FOX did I witness yesterday?!

Based on a true scandal, "Bombshell" brings you a paralyzing story of sexual harassment and abuse of power!

Everything about it was just epic.. I mean allow me to start with the insane choice of cast: NICOLE KIDMAN, CHARLIZE THERON and MARGOT ROBBIE!! What more could you ask for? A trio like no other!

Moving on to the camerawork, cinematic style, story build-up, dark humor, soundtracks, tone shift, emotional manipulation, dramatic shocks, and scene-to-scene transitions.. all of which were more than enough to keep us glued to the freaking big screen!!!

Oh and I must highlight the jaw-dropping eye contact and facial expressions throughout the'll definitely skip a breath or two.

Defaults were quite minimal and unnoticeable and by that I mean they won't affect the overall vibe. Ending was smoothly satisfying.

Stop reading this instant and book your damn tickets already!

Highly Recommended

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