Ford v Ferrari - Le Mans '66

Exceeds Expectations with no Brakes at All! - 8.5/10

by Popcult Productions

Making a name for himself with movies like “Walk the Line” and “Logan”, a film that in our opinion revolutionized the look into R-Rated Comic Book flicks. James Mangold a director not often regarded in the top-notch category of filmmakers makes it crystal clear with his recent sport biopic that his filmography is up there among the most skilled batch of directors. He’s a filmmaker quite fond of handling intense sequences and delivering some climactic-gripping action achievements, especially with films like “Logan” and “Wolverine”. And knowing what he’s getting into, the racing scenes which are heavily featured in the 2 hour and 30 minute picture, came off as extremely intense to a point where you forget everything and merely held on to your seat, cheering and rooting for the main characters and their team. That’s exactly what Mangold hangs on to in his biopic, “energy” and “entertainment” from the perspective of a filmmaker who certainly knows what he’s doing. The thrilling music, quick-paced editing, and James’ continuous creative wide shots closes down with some of the finest action experiences we’ve seen all year. The delightful direction forces you into throughly tracking everything going on on screen with complete ease and attention. In addition, the film wouldn’t have hit as hard with a duo other than the amazing Christian Bale and Matt Damon at the helm, they both knocked it out of the park in a narrative needy of two actors elevating emotions, laughs, and heart. And that’s precisely what they deliver on, their portrayals were crucial in a movie not only attempting to please popcorn moviegoers but one that wants to resonate with people who are clueless about cars-racing, and others that are not just there for the sake of entertainment. That’s why “Ford v Ferrari” strikes as such, it’s a film that gratifies everyone and holds on to an influential message capable of outreaching the hearts of those unaware of the sport, and that being one’s passion for achieving something they’re obsessed in. Plus, that’s specifically what strives in Ken Miles and Carrol Shelby’s friendship in the film, they might find themselves at odds sometimes, but when it comes to their love of what they do, the topic clearly is unnegotiable. Wrapping up, “Ford v Ferrari” not only comes off as a perfect crowd-pleasing experience but one that managed to strike as emotional and relatable too, so we highly suggest you give it a shot!
⚖️ Final Rating: 8.5/10

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