Rambo V: Last Blood

TOO FAST !!! - 6.5/10

by Mohamad Khatib

Family, hurt, loss, and revenge ...all under 1 hour and 30 minutes, makes Rambo: Last Blood too rushed a movie. It felt like it was longer and cut down to that duration. Surely revenge was favored over family, loss, and physical/emotional damage, and cramming these dramatic contexts into too short a timing, resulted in me having a lack of emotional investment except in Rambo's vengeance. To be honest, i did not really feel John Rambo's devastating loss, at least not such that would justify his final hellish carnage. There was not a single sustain of emotion in the whole movie which brings me to the topic of emotional sustain, the director's approach did not hold any especially in the killing scenes, however sufficient but not really anything memorable or in the sense of producing classic scenes. On a positive note, the design of Rambo's destruction was brutally amazing accompanied by a bombastic score. Rambo 4 2008 was a much better movie especially as far as story. All in all it was a fun and entertaining revenge movie.

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