Knives Out

Knives Out: the Ideal Revival of the Whodunnit Subgenre. - 9/10

by Popcult Productions

As fans of Rian Johnson, we’re admiringly fond of his impressive filmography as a Director and a writer, from crafting one of the finest neo-noir films (Brick) of our time to the mind-blowing sci-fi original (Looper) and not to forget his incredible work on “Ozymandias” (Breaking Bad). Breaking down ”Brick” only, you can pinpoint the fact that Rian Johnson is a filmmaker who screams “Originality” and someone who knows precisely how to generate a feeling of suspense and the hard-boiled detective thriller vibes in his storys. His place reliance on smooth editing and fast paced dialogue, manages to always keep us immersed in a mysteriously driven, on tenterhooks experience. So that’s why he’s an exquisite candidate to undertake a whodunnit flick and add his own unique take on the subgenre. Rian proves he’s worthy of pleasing fans of Agatha Christie and other classical murder mysteries by putting together a whodunnit completely capable of correlating with modern audiences through some superb editing, atmospheric music, and masterful directing. All those attributes basically serve as Rian’s passport for keeping the mysterious-suspenseful side of the flick as vigorous as possible. In addition, the A-list ensemble cast and the witty-clever writing are what deem “Knives Out” a smart distinctive outlook in the genre. To get into more comprehensive territory, the film does something smart and on the ball when it lays out a couple of facts forcing us into thinking a certain sequence abandons the whole guessing game, but that’s definitely not the case given the serial twists that keep on pretzeling the ultimate killer reveal till the end. Daniel Craig steals the show in our opinion with a charismatic portrayal that’s undoubtedly brilliant, the moment he started his interrogation and we heard him speak for the first time, we just enjoyed the hell out of his performance and especially the self-aware comical country accent! As for Ana de Armas, she leads the film with a performance that grants her a position among the most promising young actors. The film featured a humorous and a deadly serious mix of tones, and the show she put managed to perfectly coincide with that specific contrast of feelings and expressions. “Knives Out” is unquestionably one of the top-leading films of the year and managed to live up to our expectations and more! Anyone who still doubts Rian’s artistic powers ever since The Last Jedi’s release should rethink that thought, especially the warsies who are merely hating on the film due to Rian’s “terrible” work on the latest Star Wars film. We highly suggest you checkout “Knives Out” when you get the chance, cause it’s quite an entertaining whodunnit experience!
⚖️ Final Rating: 9/10

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