Ford v Ferrari - Le Mans '66

A thrilling race film with great performances - 8/10

by Mohammed Al Mazidi - Cinema Trekker

The plot based on a true story, tells buildup as well as the actual race of Le Mans 1966. I found the story to be quite educational in a way about the subject matter, nothing quite spectacular, but what really sells the movie for me is the performances and the racing sequences. Damon and Bale had great chemistry on screen, and whenever they were up together it was just fun. I have a few nitpicks with the dialogue, some I find pretty cheesy, but other than that, the film was pretty good and fun to watch.
The camerawork in the racing sequences were pretty great and engaging. The racing sequences in general were really well done, as well as the sound editing behind it. The soundtrack was pretty good too and matches the thrill of the visuals. 
In conclusion, it is an entertaining film for everyone, and you don't really need to be a car enthusiast or a fan of racing to love or have fun with this film. With its great performances and stellar race sequences, this film will thrill you from the start to the finishing line. 

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