Doctor Sleep

Incredibly immersive. - 8/10

by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb

The first thing I want to praise is the incredibly smooth transition between ‘The Shining’ and this one’s storyline. You directly get in the atmosphere of the movie thanks to the eerie soundtrack accompanied by a couple scenes from when Dan Torrance was still a boy, after the events of the ‘Overlook Hotel’. Scare-wise, the movie has its fair share of creepy characters, and a couple familiar ”faces”. Moreover the ambiance is very tense at some points and, especially in the scene where Dan goes back to the hotel. The biggest surprise was Kyliegh Curran’s unbelievable acting. Every scene she’s in is brilliant. McGregor and Ferguson are also great in their respective roles. The camera movements are genius, and add a ton to the stress factor.

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