Frozen II

Simply, A masterpiece! - 8/10

by Fransisco Bakhos - 365 Movies Lebanon

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa's powers in order to save their kingdom.

With Disney's Frozen 2, we were literally stepping into the unknown with what seems as yet another fantastical adventure with the snow queen herself!!

Before i get into the details, i have to say that this film absolutely took my breath away!!! A visually and sonically chef d'oeuvre that transcends time and space and people will still be talking about it in a decade or so!!

The story, for starters, is way deeper and more complex than it's predecessor!!! Honestly, i don't know if kids will manage to understand it fully, with all its metaphors and symbols and so!! But i know they'll love it both ways!! The thing that attracted me most is that, at its core, its a story about self discovery and transformation. Its about freedom, strength, power, unity, peace, love, its a fight between what is and what should be!! A fight between duty and family!!! Its a story that's wayyy more complicated than its short runtime!! And that's why my only criticism is that sometimes it felt totally rushed!! And a bit overwhelming!

I truly believe that such an ambitious and extremely inspiring story will spark something in each and every spectator!! It will inspire you to beak free from the fears that are weighing you down, to let down your guard, trust your magic and live in absolute freedom and acceptance with who/what you are!!

To continue, all of your favorite characters are back!! While the story mainly focuses on Elsa and Anna, some secondary characters did manage to have some screen time and to put a mark on this HISTORICAL piece of cinema!!

Olaf, the cuddliest and cutest snowman out there absolutely dominated the screen with his witty sarcasm and surprisingly accurate facts!! Josh Gad did a fabulous job by giving this character a soul and a voice!

Kristoff, while Jonathan Groff's voicing was spot on, i kind of couldn't relate to this character, nor stand it!! In Frozen, Kristoff was a hero, in this sequel, he felt like a liability!!! Sorry not sorry dude!!

Anna, the warm and fuzzy "Princess" of Arandelle is a perfect example on sisterhood!! Even though she doesn't possess her sister's magical abilities, Anna proved that Love and Kindness and selflessness always win!!! This character radiates pure positivity and inspiration!! And she's soo damn relatable!! Plus Kristen Bell's voice is what made all of this possible, soo yes that's a bonus.

And Finally Elsa, the Queen, the sister, the friend, the protector and The HERO. A Disney character like no other!! A pioneer in her domain! This deeply complex and fierce(yet vulnerable) character is just as inspiring as it was back in Frozen 1. I seriously am speechless!! ELSA is a freaking force of nature just like the lady behind this character, Idina Menzel.

In addition to everything else, people you need to pay attention to the details in this sequel. Trust me, its something purely poetic and feels totally surreal!! I really can't imagine that amount of hard work that was put in making such detailed and mind blowing graphics!!! It's like something we've never seen before!

And can we please talk about the eargasmic soundtracks?? Let it go?? What's that!! I mean seriously the soundtracks were pure poetry, pure motivation, pure inspiration and pure Magic!! Into the unknown and Show yourself were like music to my soul (show yourself will literally send chills down your spine)!!

Okay guys, im seriously speechless!! Akid, i was expecting This sequel to be amazing but i wasnt anticipating that I'd be obsessing over it!!! Every little tiny detail was extremely and profoundly thought of and it was created with the out most care!! I don't know if anything can be added to what i already said, but Please go and watch this sequel. NOWWW!!!!

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