Frozen II

It puts the "luf" in "fluffyyyyy"! - 7/10

by SardonicA

Disney never fails to insert some warmth and tenderness into our current cold and brutal world. Whenever you need a time out from the negative vibes around you.. just pick any disney movie and isolate your soul.

Frozen 1 was a fresh breeze with tons of cuteness to go around...while Frozen 2 took that torch down a darker and more mystical trail with yet a hint of fluffiness to make your day.

Everything was there to be honest; humor, emotions, action, ice cold magic, charm, paralyzing voices and tracks, and some evil to spice things up. It was a really cute piece of work with minimal faults here and there.

My major problem with both Frozens was that ideas were thrown in so damn fast one after the other. I know that this movie is for kids mainly but give us a break here! Some analysis won't hurt nobody hehe.

Of course, my favorite character was that drop dead so freaking cute "Fire Lizard".. I could just eat it up!!!!!!!

That's it folks! Grab your partner or kids and give it a go.. I'll be here waiting for your feedback.

Cutely Recommended

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