Charlie's Angels

Surprisingly fun! - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

A fun action flick, Charlie’s Angels is quite an entertaining film that maintains a very suitable comedic tone and is full of surprises. It unexpectedly works on numerous levels but does suffer from some lazy writing that ultimately weakens the narrative.

This movie serves as the third entry in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ film series but features an all new new cast this time around. To be honest, no one really asked for another Charlie’s Angels film, especially since the first two don’t really stand out as anything memorable, but surprisingly enough the third entry does deliver a fun moviegoing experience. It’s definitely no masterpiece but manages to remain a step head from its competition and doesn’t let its main feminism theme drag it down. ‘Charlie’s Angels’ follows the Angels as they seek to retrieve a dangerous piece of tech that could endanger the lives of many. 

This time around we have Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska taking over the roles of the Angels, and for the most part they’re pretty effective and share a good chemistry. Stewart and Balinska especially stand out and are so fun to watch. Stewart’s hilarious character Sabina manages to bring some great energy to the screen and proves why she’s such a great actress, yet always gets undeserved hate for one former role. Elizabeth Banks does a good job in the director’s chair but disappoints quite a bit in her writing skills. Even though it’s a fun ride, the writing is quite lazy and predictable at times.

The script is at its weakest towards the climax and has a few poorly written twists that make the movie seem a bit sketchy and weak. The main themes of feminism and sisterhood are quite well-handled and don’t destroy the whole storytelling unlike a few too many movies that have done that in the past few years. I really enjoyed the humor present throughout the narrative because it worked so well for the characters and it definitely allows the film to flow easier. Additionally, There are a bunch of cool cameos. I think that this movie works well for what it is and many will enjoy it.


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