Gemini Man

Sloppy and formulaic! - 2/10

by The Movie Inspector

A sloppy action flick, Gemini Man fails on so many levels with an uninspired narrative and formulaic script, that it becomes immensely hard to sit through. It remains tedious from start to finish and highlights just what a poor production this movie had.


Well I’ll say it from the very start, it was quite a painful viewing. Sitting through this only got more difficult as the movie progressed and built on its dull, repetitive and absurd story. Calling it lame and unoriginal would be an understatement as it utilizes every known cliche of the action genre and features the single worst dialogue of the year. A monotonous tone that dominates the movie makes it hard to enjoy any action put on screen, it’s almost as if it intentionally doesn’t want viewers to have a good time. ‘Gemini Man’ follows a hitman who finds himself being hunted down by a younger clone of himself.

Basically it’s Will Smith vs Will Smith in some of the worst CG work I’ve seen. I mean the younger version of smith looks and moves like a cheap video game character, and I had a blast laughing at that. Considering the fact that the movie’s strongest selling point is Smith himself and the supposed advanced CG technology, it fails miserably. It is truly anything but believable, and had they actually just opted to de-age him without fully creating  a CG version it would’ve been far better. Besides that, the characters are quite two dimensional, delivery heavy exposition lines and share zero chemistry. Lord knows how many times I had to cringe at the utterly terrible events unfolding onscreen.

Now I begin to wonder why Ang Lee would ever attach himself to such a project. It clearly fails when it comes to technology, it also fails in the editing room and most certainly works with a disastrous script. About that script, which went through a number of reshoots and happens to be co-written by David Benioff. What a year it is for Mr. Benioff, first Game of Thrones and now this. The action scenes felt like cheap video game battles that are there to make you laugh. Predictability is at its peak and at the end of the day it’s just a dumb action flick that clearly has no inspiration and is destined to become forgettable. Finally, this has proven itself to be one of the worst films of the year in my opinion.


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