Charlie's Angels

Not great, not terrible just forgettable and mediocre with a good entertainment factor - 5/10

by Your Film Buddy

Let me start with the screenplay. It was ok. The writing was mediocre with acceptable dialogue. The plot remained vague at the very fast paced first act going from place to another establishing many plot points. As the plot progresses it becomes more predictable. The characters lacked any depth or proper development and what we got were hints at their past. Many of the written jokes did not work. And the plot in general isn’t the most inventive and creative.

The three leads Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott lacked a proper chemistry. Kristen Stewart’s character comes off as either annoying or completely charming. Ella Balinska had the most proper drive in this story that was meh. I really enjoyed Naomi Scott’s character Elena; she had a noticeable character development and a fun presence on screen. Elizabeth Banks’ Bosley was good. It is always pleasant to see Patrick Stewart. And what is Noah Centineo doing in this film?

The music was nice, and the songs, performed by many famous female artists, gave the film some style. The visual effects were bad especially in a shot involving a helicopter.
I liked the fast pacing of the film that keeps you engaged. No part feels boring or forced. So yeah, it is not boring, it is actually entertaining…

Elizabeth Banks wrote and directed this film. Her directing skills are nothing unique (a bit cliché), filled with the usual shots you’d expect from a film like Charlie’s Angels. I loved many of the action scenes and how they were filmed and the choreography was also great.

The film holds feminist messages. The message is quite elaborated throughout the film especially by showing the audience the strength of female team-work, leaving the dominance and control of men (independence). So we have a feminist movie. However many shots taken by the director didn’t comply to this theory, which is a surprise since we have a female director helming the film.

There are a few fun cameos at the end of the film so stick around during the credits montage.

In the end, this film wasn’t great nor terrible but more to the bad side of the spectrum.

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