A brilliantly layered masterpiece with a message - 10/10

by Mohammed Al Mazidi - Cinema Trekker

Wow, just wow. I kept tabs on this film during Cannes season, but nothing would have prepared me for when I saw this film. I am not kidding when I say that this film is my favorite of 2019 so far, and is nothing short of a masterpiece.
The plot is innovative and masterfully layered. It is also engaging as it expresses themes such as greed, class discrimination, and rich vs poor. The film demands re-watches, with it's hidden touches/details. the characters are all fully-developed and alive, as well as contain emotional depth, with some very well-placed dark humor. The acting was great all-around as well. I don't watch much of Bong Joon-ho's films, but after seeing this film, I am excited to check out both his English, and Korean films. 
The cinematography is pretty good, and the mise-en-scène is incredible, really fleshing out the world of the film, as well as contradict the lifestyle of the poor vs the rich. The music is great, and definitely enhances the experience, especially with it's changing tone. 
In conclusion, it is a thrilling ride that focuses on inequality and working class status, and it will definitely engage you from beginning to end. This film deserves all the praise and awards it has been given, one of which is the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Foreign films have been remarkable the past few years, especially Korean films, such as Burning which released last year and was pretty fantastic.  I recommend you don't see any trailers, or read any information about the film (although the trailer actually is really well done, and doesn't reveal anything about the film), it is better to go blind to fully appreciate, and allow this film to engage and thrill you.  When you have the chance, go see this masterpiece. 


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