Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Once Upon a Time, DRACARYS! - 7.5/10

by Miriam Atallah - Movie Sharks

Once upon a time, Dracarys! Oops, wrong review :|

FAIRIES! What is your profession?! AHOUW!!!

Are we still watching Maleficent?

Well yes, but the mood disorder that this film suffers from makes it a bit confusing.

Though it could have used a bigger budget on some weak aspects; however, the eminent fluffiness of Disney fairies and miniature creatures was all over the place lightning up the scenes where the script was sliding.

It’s one of those rare movies where surprisingly the sequel is much better than the first part.

Jolie owns her role more confidently this time and shows off her collection of fine haute couture with every appearance.

Malefcent 2’s takeaway is probably that she’s everything but the mistress of evil, and if anything, it’s the humans who need to stop messing with nature.

Sounds relevant? ;)

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