A Good Story with a Bad Ending - 5.5/10

by This Is My Review

Having an interesting idea is never enough. “JEXI” had an important message to deliver but unfortunately the execution was too simple and lacked depth. I’m aware that the writers wanted to keep the movie light, but it was way too superficial especially during the final act. I usually don’t like the way Adam Devine overacts and exaggerates in his movies but to be honest he was the best part. Comedy was good, many scenes were funny and the story itself kept me excited to see how everything will end and how all these problems will be solved.... and that’s were things went really bad. JEXI had one of the worst endings I’ve seen in years, it was so lazy, illogical and silly. I couldn’t believe that they actually chose this lame path to end such a promising story. It was a huge disappointment!!! JEXI had some good elements and it was fun but unfortunately it couldn’t end its story in a proper way.

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