Gemini Man

Popcorn action entertainer that deserves to be seen despite the negative reviews. - 7/10

by WhatsOnAqeb

I think many people got the wrong impression of this movie. Sure, the CGI effects to make a clone of Will Smith was bad. I mean, it is the 21st century, with the latest tech a much better job could have been done. But I felt that was the only bummer about this movie. Other than that, the movie itself is super enjoyable and every scene is a good one. With good plot twist and a good storyline, the directors did a fabulous job. Not to forget our favourite actor/genie... Will Smith for his brilliant acting skills allowing the audience to forgive the CGI and just enjoy his role and the movie overall. The camera work is done amazingly for this action-packed movie. It's a very fun movie to watch and if you are a huge fan of Will Smith which most of us are, just stop thinking about the negative reviews and enjoy the film.

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