Gemini Man

Fight off the enemy from within! - 6.5/10

by SardonicA

While other actors have died off with age, Will Smith keeps on leaving a thoroughly engraved mark in the history of cinema. I just love how he lives up to each role with minimal effort.

"Gemini Man" did bring something new to the table regardless of the predictable scenes throughout the whole movie. A hitman seeking peace of mind through retirement but his last job had some loose ends which stemmed from his own chromosomes!

CGI was definitely not the best out there and it seemed cheap at times but shockingly it didn't bother me that much.. I was okay with it to a certain extent. Re-creating a young Will Smith wasn't easy most probably but I gotta hand it to them for the mere thought of trying. Action-packed scenes were exciting especially the first confrontation. Camerawork was great and scene transitions were fine. Chemistry in between actors was not at its peak unfortunately. Narration was smooth and straight to the point.

It had a safe wrap up that shouldn't be attached to a sequel. If you're a Will Smith fan then watch this one.

Average recommendation.

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