A fascinating crime drama - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

A fascinating crime drama, Hustlers is an energetic flick that knows how to deal with controversial matters and boost female empowerment in a perfectly subtle way. This fun and fast-paced story is carried by splendid performances, especially from Jennifer Lopez.

Here’s the deal, this movie works with quite a taboo topic and is daring enough to bring heart to a story that is often ignored or frowned upon, especially in the region. What writer-director Lorene Scafaria creates is a charming and realistic work that digs deep into the life of our protagonists to flesh them out and provide context to their actions in a corrupt world. The end result is a totally irresistible narrative that keeps your eyes glued to the screen and your mind in a constant state of anxiety. ‘Hustlers’ follows a group of strippers who carry out illegal activities as a way to get ahead. 

Based on an article published in the New York magazine back in 2015, it’s quite interesting to witness a story that had more or less unfolded in such a manner and understand how meaningful it truly is. I found myself completely invested in the story and the characters from the very beginning, and in fact felt like the runtime zapped by in an instant. Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu are spectacular as our lead characters and bring so much heart to their roles. What I truly loved about the film is how it portrays the bond between the strippers and how it doesn’t seek to paint them in a negative image like most Hollywood movies often do. 

As the movie progresses and the characters find themselves in dangerous territory, I couldn’t help but feel genuinely worried for them and it becomes quite nerve-wrecking. For that, the movie is really effective and knows how to keep viewers interested with its crime and loads of humor. I think this movie also excels when it comes to female empowerment because it never wishes to be too explicit about it and never seeks to force any themes. Instead it provides us with a vivid image of the girls’ lives and the corruption around them, and that maximizes its potential. Additionally, a terrific soundtrack creates perfect authenticity for the atmosphere. All in all, it was a really enjoyable film that might grant Miss Lopez her first Oscar nomination.


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