Dark, Gritty and Brilliant! - 9/10

by The Movie Inspector

A brilliant crime thriller, Joker is a superb origin story of the most iconic supervillain in comic book history that surely doesn’t disappoint! Joaquin Phoenix gives it his all as a character who slowly descends into madness in an overly chaotic world.

Well that was one hell of an intense viewing! What I just watched is without a doubt one of the greatest comic book films of all time, as it has so much to offer and takes a completely distinctive approach. Mr. Joaquin Phoenix, who has already proved himself as one of the greatest actors alive today, delivers a career-best performance that was fantastic in every single way. His transformation from Arthur Fleck to Joker is something never seen before and very impressive. Kudos to Writer-Director Todd Phillips for crafting such a rousing thriller that’ll have you completely invested in this chaotic character. ‘Joker’ follows the ill and troubled Arthur Fleck who slowly reaches his breaking point after being disregarded by society for so long. 

What can I say, Arthur’s world is presented to us very vividly and the growing madness is felt through every scene, every movement and word uttered by Phoenix. It’s simply magnificent to follow him on this journey of his and witness all his hardships. There is absolutely no doubt that you’ll feel for him and even share his devastation, and if you ask me, that’s a really powerful feeling to evoke in a viewer. This character study remains very realistic and gritty in the sense that it’s unlike any other comic book film you’ve seen, with an intentionality to present viewers with an idea of how this figure could be created in society. When it comes to effectivity, this one goes all the way in!

This movie is reminiscent of Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver’, sharing similar themes and though the inspiration is there, the execution is completely original. By the climax, I had this overwhelming sense of intensity as I witnessed pure, unobstructed madness that solidified the legacy of this iconic supervillain. On a technical level it’s gorgeous, with some staggering shots, camera movements and production design, that are accompanied with a pulse-pounding score that aids the whole atmosphere. It also delivers a very powerful message regarding mental illness and its disregard in society. The movie is best enjoyed & optimized for IMAX and features a performance from Joaquin Phoenix that everyone will be talking about!

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