Don’t turn your back on Arthur like everyone else did, and go watch ‘Joker’! - 9.5/10

by Jad Jradi

First off, this movie did put a huge smile on my face. This dark and chilling take on DC’s most iconic villain kept me triggered the entire runtime, with it being beautifully directed and cleverly written by Todd Phillips, who has outdone himself here more than any other movie he had ever made!
Joaquin Phoenix in this movie is sensational, thrilling and electrifying! Without his powerful performance, the movie couldn’t have worked, to the point where one of the movie’s many take aways was reminding us that Phoenix is still one of the best actors of his generation! Plus he’s a slam dunk for a nomination at the Oscars, if not even a win!
Some people might feel like this movie supports mass shootings and that it sparks violence etc... But guess what, mass shooting is something that happens on a daily basis, it’s not like this movie introduced us to the idea of mass shooting or doing some madly violent stuff... Instead, what this movie actually does so brilliantly is painting a horrifying yet true picture to the world we’re living in today, to the society that we’re a part of! It’s a stark condemnation of society! And although the movie takes place in 1981 and in Gotham none the less, yet it sure feels awful lot like today!
In addition to some very clear messages that the movie underlines such as the importance of mental health care, the importance of governments and businesses taking care of society, and perhaps the most clear one in the pack is the importance of just being civil to one another. Some people might even say that the movie went too far by the end, but I believe that just as the movie intentionally is supposed to mirror today’s world, it is supposed to go that far, to act as a warning that if we continue on this route, this is what in store for us, It’s terrifying!! And what’s funny in this situation, in a Joker kind of way too, is that some people are so blind that they can’t see the clear messages that this movie is trying to make!
It’s critical and controversial, and that’s how movies should be, movies are meant to be controversial, movies are meant to spark a conversation and shed the light on topics that are usually forbidden for discussion by the community, because of how real and jarring they are!
This movie even made me understand Batman better, now I know why Batman never killed the Joker, Joker is a product of the society he lives in!
Although if I would have any negative thoughts about the movie is that it reminded me so much of old Martin Scorsese movies, in particular ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘The King Of Comedy’, if you had ever watched these movies and then go on and watch ‘Joker’ you know what I mean, I just wish it could’ve been more original in its storyline.
In conclusion, this is a terrific and essential movie to watch, that everyone needs to see at least once in their lifetime, because of how important it is! And yes this is the film of the year! Still can’t decide if it’s my top 1 movie of the year though, because of Endgame.

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