Oscar worthy acting by Joaquin Phoenix - 10/10

by WhatsOnAqeb

The hype this movie created over the internet did live up to my expectation. The film Joker wouldn't be this good without the dedication of the actor Joaquin Phoenix who gave his all to this film. The movie has a unique story that many people didn't know about, 'The origin of the Joker' how it all started. Every scene of the movie was important, the 125min of run time was worth it. A big round of applause to the makeup artist team who did such a fantastic job in creating the image of the joker. Do know that this movie is nothing from the comic rather it is an out of the box experience. The film will make you fall in love with Joker, sympathise him, and understand why he became like this. The music added in the background gives much more life and let you connect with the Joker's mind. There were many intense scenes which looked almost real and the smile, laughter and glare the Joker gave spoke so much emotion. In my heart, I am already giving Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar. Don't miss watching this one guys, 100% recommended.

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