A fantastic film with a powerful, yet dark message. - 9/10

by Mohammed Al Mazidi - Cinema Trekker

Well here it is people. After all the videos of Joaquin running on the set, we finally get to see it on the big screen, and it is fabulous. 
The film's gritty tone and presentation is set from the beginning, as we explore Arthur's descent into madness. The film has a brilliant yet terrifying character study of Arthur who suffers from mental illness. The film does so well developing Arthur as a character before his full transformation, and we can feel all sorts of emotions for him, such as sympathy. I honestly feel there is a bit of Joker in me, and this film fully expresses that, that he simply isn't just crazy, that he's just an ordinary man, who had a lot of bad luck come his way. Joaquin Phoenix was absolutely outstanding, and breathes life into his role as Arthur. I feel like this year is really the year that he may win an Academy Award, and I really hope he does. The rest of the cast was great, including Robert De Niro, who was referencing a character he played back in the 1982 film The King of Comedy. I want to also credit Todd Phillips for his brilliant direction. I really did not expect this film from Todd Phillips, the same director involved in comedy films such as The Hangover films, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. 
The cinematography was brilliant, and the music done by composer Hildur Guðnadóttir (who also did the Emmy wining mini-series Chernobyl) was fantastic and truly displayed the horrifying transformation that Arthur endured to becoming the Joker. The film was well-paced, and I was instantly hooked from beginning to end, I honestly did not want this film to end. The film went onto to win the Golden Lion award ((highest award given at the festival), at the Venice Film Festival.
In conclusion, put all this together and we get a fantastic film that will make you feel happiness, sadness, and dread. The film will continue to be on people's minds after it leaves the theater, as it holds a very powerful, yet dark message to it's audience. If you are still unsure whether to watch it or not,  I say go watch it and judge it for yourself.  

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