An indignantly mesmerizing reality check! - 8/10

by SardonicA

Joaquin Phoenix has never seen a happy day in his life yet he manages to always put on a happy face to make it out of darkness. But how can one do that if negative thoughts continuously pop up!

I'll break this down by starting with the positives:

- Superb Camerawork and Color Fixation.

- Intense setup infused with Bitter vibes.

- Nerve-racking choice of Tracks & overall mood.

- Insane Character Development & Embodiment.

- Bold & Artistic approach to reality.

- Beautifully disturbing & Violently Brilliant story.

- Memorably twisted from every angle.

- Unique display of Emotions and Mood Swings.

And now let's shed the light on the negatives:

- Utterly slow-paced and bland at first.

- Slightly poor script & scene transitions.

Joaquin definitely deserves an oscar for this epic performance of his! I mean he got me all over the place with multiple goosebumps and a devastated heart. He was the perfect fit for this role.

Are you seriously still reading? Get off your tiny tushy and watch it tonight! And let's discuss it!

Highly Recommended!!!

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