Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4: A Sequel that we Unexpectedly Needed. - 8.5/10

by Popcult Productions

Toy Story 4 released back in this summer of June 21 was one of our most anticipated films of the year. But like all #fans and critics, we couldn’t help but feel genuinely terrified of the mischief this #movie can generate if it were not to achieve some kind of high belaud. Especially that the 3 films are idolized by everyone and literally everyone from kids to adults and even elderly grown ups. Regretfully, we never had the chance to catch this #film on the big screen, so we never got wind ourselves of the way this movie bounced back then. And after seeing it last night, we can gladly say rest assured that this movie totally and unquestionably exceeded expectations. Therefore, this #pixar film will prove requisite when people want to hope a newly confirmed sequel won’t ruin a run of beautiful original films. First and foremost, we were rooting for #toystory 4 to feel more of a newly added adventure featuring characters we were fond of from the very start, meaning that we just wanted the film to play it safe, tell a good story, and not reach for some deep-seated characters upgrades. But, the narrative Toy Story 4 entrusts is precisely at odds with the word “Predictable”, sure the film does feel very #adventure or episode like at times, but it wasn’t Josh Cooley’s predominant intention. Turns out the #story does fully embark on a journey of risks and does delve deeper in it’s main characters’ motives all along. And to be honest that’s what so great about it, it doesn’t clue you in or hint on where the narration is steering for. And that proves how much talent and courage #joshcooley upholds given the fact that he had only directed a couple of shorts and Toy Story 4 being his first feature film. In addition, the film doesn’t shy away from including heavy emotional beats especially towards the end of the film, where as we mentioned before the film’s unpredictability aids the heartfelt beats to hit as hard as they could and not only among the major characters but also with the main antagonist of the movie who’s motives were completely convincing. Other than the incredible touching and mentoring elements featured in between #woody ( #tomhanks ) and #forky ‘s relationship. Plus, the movie imperils it’s story, by including newly added characters like Forky, Bunny, Duky, and #dukeaboom (voiced by the amazing #keanureeves) who we don’t know anything about and were heavily featured in the film, but they really took a sweet and comedic turn in the story. It’s needless to say that a Pixar film perfect #animation, but Toy Story 4 took it to a whole new level of beautifully crafted photorealistic shots. There were numerous frames in the film where you totally forget that you’re watching a full-blown computer generated movie, CGI has reached that much precision and we can’t help but be blown away continually. In short, this film truly didn’t fail us as fans of the trilogy, and we hope other sequels of different franchises will carry the successful trend this film kicked off.
⚖️ Final Rating: 8.5/10

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