A horrifying TRUE horror film that will disturb you to the core, but it's more than just that - 8.5/10

by Your Film Buddy

A horrifying TRUE HORROR film that will disturb you to the core.

Midsommar will mess (to avoid dropping an f-bomb) you up, that sums it all. It feels is so disturbing and violent and it melts you from within.

With masterful shots and transitions by the director, the film starts out as a mystery-rigged film. The first act takes its time to establish the characters and set up the events and doesn’t shy away from details. The second act continues to slowly advance the narrative in an engaging way. The third act is where the film reaches its peak of disturbance and a gives few answers – don’t expect that all your questions will be answered. The ending is when the film seals the deal as horrifying, disturbing and scary.

The script is well written and really develops the culture of Harga. The dialogue is never cheesy. Most of the characters were properly developed but some are just disposable plot devices.

The scenery and the setting is immersive and realistic. A unique and unsettling atmosphere was created for this film unlike any you’ve seen before. There are many imagery and symbolisms in the background that help you touch and feel the reality of what’s happening. The whole location of Harga has a unique architecture and design alongside the set design and the drawings.

The film’s atmosphere goes from good to bad (not bad as in worse, bad for the main characters). The first hour is slow and after it things just start to go crazy. The whole rituals and the explanations behind them make sense in-universe, there is philosophical and spiritual depth to the developed mythology. The film uses heavy gore-exposure, disturbing visuals, events and (yes) sex and nudity to scare the viewer and succeeds at it! Like this film is disturbing to the core! There isn’t a single jumpscare in this film and it sure terrified me and left me in utter shock! This is not your typical horror, this is the TRUE HORROR that will make you wish throughout the runtime to never ever be in the protagonists’ place. Moreover, after watching it you will never be the same. Some people may quit watching it, it literally messes (avoiding another f-bomb) you up. This proves what Ari Aster can make with a camera, a good script, a talented cast and great music: a deeply horrifying horror film. He’s a creative and talented filmmaker and I can’t wait to watch more of his films.

The flaws are very few in this film and reside with your personal preference of slow or fast-paced film. Midsommar is a slow burner (pun intended for those who have seen it) that may sometime be a bit too slow with a great musical score, mythology development and a unique style that sets it from any other film you’d watch.

Don’t watch it if you’re not ready for such disturbance.


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