By Chance - بالصدفة

Emotional, raw and real! - 7.25/10

by Fransisco Bakhos - 365 Movies Lebanon

A successful businessman finds his life turn upside down after his suitcase is stolen by a teenager whom he follows into a poor neighborhood. While he embarks on a journey searching for it, he encounters a huge turn of events that will change his life forever.

Honestly speaking, I didn't know what to expect from such a film!! But i definitely didn't expect to enjoy it this much!!

Let me start with the story, first things you need to know that we have a main story that was accompanied by a large number of substories/subplots. Hala2 the main story by itself, unfortunately, followed the very same overly used formula that all Lebanese filmmakers like!!! It was Cliché, predictable and kind of weak. But luckily, its substories managed to save the day!! I admit they were a bit overwhelming and somehow seemed to be a bit all over the place but they were like some wellneeded emotional punches. They tackled literally everything wrong with our society from rape to blackmail to poverty to neglected rights to.... And ended with a beautiful little message that unfortunately we dont see enough on our screens.

In other words, get ready to endure approximately 2 hours of substories magic at it finest!!

To continue, the characters were INTERESTING!! I admit some needed more work and I think we also deserved some more background knowledge regarding the leads because with what we were provided, it wasn't enough!! BUT, what i liked most was that they were REAL. Once you watch the movie, you'll understand! The characters that it depicted weren't created out of nowhere/nothing, they are,indeed, real people!!!!

Acting wise, Okay were should I start?! Well, Badih Abou Chakra's performance was one town away from being totally perfect, he has a strong control over his emotions that literally makes him unique!! Carole Samaha, all im going to say is that we need to see you in films more often!!

But forget about Badih and Carole (even though they're the two leads) and I need you to focus on Sami Koujan and Pamela El Kik!!!! Now seriously talking, these two are... (I actually can't find the right word to describe their spot on acting skills). Pamela, who played an autistic young woman, without even talking dominated the screen. The amount of pure talent and hard work that she channeled into her character and into her role is mind blowing. PAMELA should and must get recognized internationally because with such talent, the whole world must know who she is!!

And Sami, I honestly can't wait to see more of your work. I absolutely loved your performance. I mean this is what happens when you put the right people in the right place!!!

And now on to the cinematography!!! Woww, just wow. Each camera work, each frame and each scene was pure artwork. I was visually satisfied and impressed!!!

And sonically as well, because the soundtracks were totally convenient and spoton!!!

You know, By Chance turned out to be a truly beautiful and emotional cinematic experience that everyone should at least embark on!!! Totally recommended!

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