Official Secrets

An interesting story with a good treatment - 9/10

by This Is My Review

Having a good story is never enough, you need to present it properly to the audience. “Official Secrets” is a great example of how to turn a strong and inspiring story into a beautifully executed film. Political movies tend to be confusing especially if you’re not really into this field. Narrative plays a huge role in this case, it shouldn’t spoon-feed the audience but rather simplify everything without making it look silly. “Official Secrets” knew how to present its main idea cleverly and I found myself sympathizing with the characters and caring about their fate. I felt the urge to know the ending since the very first scene (I wasn’t familiar with the real event before watching this film), but I was also amused by the way they were telling this story without having unnecessary subplots or scenes so I didn’t want it to end. Acting was a strong point, Keira Knightly was amazing the whole time and Ralph Fiennes was really good. They knew how to give the right amount of emotions in every scene. Overall, the movie serves its purpose perfectly and I absolutely loved every single minute of it.... “Official Secrets” is a movie not to be missed. 

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