Light of My Life

A depressing yet good journey - 7/10

by This Is My Review

So before I start, I have to warn you: This is a 2 hour slow paced film.... but it’s really good though!!! “Light Of My Life” might not be a movie for everyone but it had many positive elements that kept me invested and excited for the ending. First, the story was good, it was interesting and deep and held many important messages that were delivered in a clever way. I liked the way they told the backstory without using too much exposition. Acting was really good especially Casey Affleck, he did a great job as a main actor, director and even writer. The young girl (Anna Pniowksy) was terrific and she had a beautiful chemistry with Affleck, you could really feel their connection and it was a very important aspect in this film. As for the negatives, it was mainly the movie’s pace that bothered me and I found myself disconnected at some point especially during the second act. The movie’s runtime was too long, 20 minutes could be easily reduced without affecting the story nor the character development. “Light Of My Life” had some really good elements but I can’t say that it was my favorite slow paced film.

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