Ad Astra

The Epic Space Adventure - 9/10

by This Is My Review

It was an unusual experience... I mean, I couldn’t connect with the movie for the whole first act and then I totally fell in love with it!!! “Ad Astra” is one of the most beautifully executed films I’ve seen this year. On a technical Level, it was flawless from the very first scene: Cinematography was stunning, colors were more than perfect and production design was captivating (Do I smell and Oscar?). Brad Pitt’s performance was one of the strong elements, I really like to see him in such films because he has a lot of potential, he’s way more than just a Handsome Hollywood actor. Brad proved again that he’s one of the most talented actors nowadays. As I mentioned before, my main issue was the first act. I couldn’t really build a proper connection with the story nor the main character but fortunately everything changed during the second and third act and it felt like an Epic Space Adventure. The movie had so many messages to deliver and knew how to present them in different ways (some of these messages were symbolic and worked perfectly). “Ad Astra” is Beautiful, touching and simply: AMAZING.

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