Rambo V: Last Blood

A fair but unnecessary sequel. - 6/10

by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb

The movie is split into two parts that are too different and feel like they don’t fit in the same movie. When you go out to see a Rambo movie, you expect an ton of action and blood throughout the whole thing. Unfortunately, this movie has roughly thirty minutes of it, at the very end.

The first two-thirds of the movie are too focused on Gabrielle and on setting the stage for the action sequences. Another thing I want to point out is the very awkward and forced changes of language between Spanish and English for the Mexican characters ; I feel like they should’ve stuck with one.

The good thing is that the violent and hardcore action sequences at the end kind of make up for the lifeless start. It’s natural that Stallone doesn’t have the same energy and couldn’t execute the same stunts as in 82’s first Rambo movie, but Stallone stills pulls off an intimidating and intense performance.

After an hour of horse-riding and long conversations, the movie delivers a fair ending to the “Rambo” saga.

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