Downton Abbey

Elegance, Sophistication and pure Beauty!! - 7/10

by Fransisco Bakhos - 365 Movies Lebanon

Excitement is high at Downton Abbey when the Crawley family learns that King George V and Queen Mary are coming to visit. But trouble soon arises when Mrs. Patmore, Daisy and the rest of the servants learn that the king and queen travel with their own chefs and attendants -- setting the stage for an impromptu scheme and other shenanigans.

I won't write a big review but all I want to say is that despite the very few flaws that this movie encountered (transition from a TV show to a huge movie is never flawless), it was absolutely entertaining!!

First things, I'm really glad this film kept the very warm and cozy spirit that the show was ultimately known for. The story was really interesting and a nice continuation from the show, but some of the subplots were totally unnecessary (

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