Ad Astra

A stunning film that is definitely not for everyone - 9/10

by Mohammed Al Mazidi - Cinema Trekker


Brad Pitt is getting back to acting in style, this time in James Gray's space drama Ad Astra. I recently got the chance to see this film in IMAX, and I thought it was pretty fantastic.

Set in the future, the story is directed by Roy McBride (Pitt), and how life is impacted by his travels/explorations. Glad to see Pitt back in great roles this year, first with Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and now in this. Pitt's narration while some may deem unnecessary,  is a nice touch and adds a level of personality and connection to his character who is often quiet and focused on the task in hand. The emotional weight is driven by Brad Pitt, who was fantastic in this role, as well as the rest of the cast who were also pretty great. The film juggles around different tones with it's suspense, but remains mostly just like any other sci-fi film.

The cinematography, there is no other words to describe the cinematography then it's pure art. Hoyte van Hoytema displays a variety of artistic color palettes that are stunning and unbelievable. I honestly haven't seen a film this beautiful since Blade Runner 2049, and seeing this in IMAX, only enhanced the experience. I very much hope this is the film that finally earns van Hoytema his long awaited Academy Award. The visual effects were stunning, and the film did have similarities when it came visually to other sci-fi films such as First Man, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Gravity. The music and sound editing also really elevated the film. 

In conclusion, I went into the theater with average expectations, and came out amazed. This film is truly one of my favorites this year, and will surely be running in some Academy Award categories. I still feel that this film may not for every single person, as it is a slow-paced film, but one with great character depth, and gorgeous cinematography. So I definitely recommend you check it out, and judge it for yourself. 


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