Ad Astra

A realistic movie in space is a boring movie - 4/10

by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb

Although I almost fell asleep at some points during the film, I couldn’t help but appreciate the cinematography, colors and visually satisfying shots. But sadly I didn’t enjoy the movie.

Unless it includes aliens or lightsabers, a space movie is just boring, and this one proves it.

I understand that the movie is realistic, but some of those ‘real’ aspects didn’t help the movie. For example, there is no sound in space, so most of what you hear during the movie is Brad Pitt breathing, talking to himself, or narrating offscreen. Also, I found the movie very slow, and the two hours felt like ten. The story is somehow generic, and some segments are too long. Although Pitt’s character Roy McBride had fine development throughout the movie, we see too little of other characters which makes us too unaffected by what happens to them.

To sum things up, the movie’s stunning sceneries don’t make up for the dull and slow story.

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