Official Secrets

Captivating look at the Government Communications HQ 2003 leak. - 7/10

by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb

Most of the times, I find that if a movie is based on a true story, it becomes much better. It is the case in this movie, as some real footage of the events were featured in it, which gave it an authentic feel. The story is interesting and full of twists. The first part of the movie was perfect and kept you focused and thinking the whole time, as it switches between Katharine’s and the Press’ sides of the story and how they handled the leaked information. However, this pace is lost during the second part of the movie, when Katharine’s husband takes an unnecessary bigger part in the unfolding, topped with a sadly shameful performance by Adam Bakri. Finally the last scene gives the movie a nice and satisfying ending. To sum up, the whole thing is engaging, insightful, and gave us a sort of “behind the scenes” of those 2003 events.


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