IT: Chapter Two

A perfect horrific closure. - 8/10

by WhatsOnAqeb

And here we are with 'IT Chapter 2' i have to say I am not at all disappointed. A lot of things Was done right by the directors and producers. Believe me, the imagination Used to make this movie was incredible and very unique. The film gives the audience A full experience of weird, creepy and horrific characters. There was plenty of jump scares to give you the spook and excellent CGI visual effects used to add more spookiness for the audience to enjoy. Moreover, the storyline is interesting there is nothing boring Or odd about it as it was clearly planned and executed perfectly. None the less this movie wouldn't be perfect without the brilliant cast who played their characters with their full potential And for that, they all deserve a round of applause. 

What did not fit my taste was the 170min Playtime which Started to irritate my eyes and thus disrupting my viewing experience. I would really suggest you all to watch this one this weekend. So book your tickets and be ready to watch 'IT'

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