IT: Chapter Two

A satisfying conclusion for IT! - 7/10

by The Movie Inspector

An entertaining horror flick, It Chapter Two works as a good follow-up to its 2017 predecessor and delivers on most of its promises. Pennywise returns with all his creepiness and makes sure to remain a menacing presence to both the losers club and the audience.

Here we are, two years after 2017’s hit movie ‘It’, witnessing the end of the journey for the losers club. For the most part, what unfolds is rather satisfying and doesn’t hold back on delivering an entertaining adventure. It succeeds by following a clear path as to where it wishes to place the characters and how their bond serves as a critical role to the storytelling. However, what slowly affects the movie is it’s lengthy 169 minute runtime that isn’t fully justified. ‘It Chapter Two’ features the returns of the losers club to Derry after 27 long years upon learning about Pennywise’s return. 

The movie kicks off really well and sets quite the mood with its brutal opening scene. We get updated on the whereabouts of each character and what they’ve been up to for the past 27 years and that works out well. My major issue comes with the repetitiveness of certain elements in the film and how they wasted time instead of building up tension or push the story forward. When it comes to tension however, there definitely is some but more often throughout the second half of the runtime. As I previously stated, I believe a chunk of the movie dragged for no apparent reason. Here’s the good thing despite that, it doesn’t really get boring. 

The movie was also well shot and featured great visuals. The cast delivered some great performances, especially Bill Skarsgård and Bill Hader, who deserves all the praise he has been receiving. I throughly enjoyed the buildup towards the climax and the climax itself more than anything else and ultimately felt satisfied by the end of the movie. I just wish the movie had been structured better, as all those flashback scenes got frustrating and didn’t serve the story too much. Additionally the movie slightly tackles LGBT and domestic violence themes and though they seem forced, it stays true to the main theme of friendship. 


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