Angel of Mine

A tedious thriller! - 3/10

by The Movie Inspector

A tedious thriller, Angel Of Mine fails to properly expand on its own premise due to a jumbled structure that does nothing but bring the movie down. It also lacks suspense to create any sense of intrigue, instead opting for immense predictability. 

I didn’t really know what to expect from this movie ahead of watching it but as soon it started I figured exactly what it settled for. When a movie decides to begin as though it were a tv series picking up from a previous episode and doesn’t really wish to explain why it does so, it kind of says a lot about what direction it’s headed in. In fact the whole lengthy first act was weak and couldn’t grab my attention whatsoever. ‘Angel Of Mine’ follows a grieving mother who begins to suspect that her dead daughter is still alive, growing paranoid while trying to prove it. 

Here’s the issue, this movies wastes a huge chunk of its runtime without explaining anything to the viewers, acting as though there’s some mystery at play, but in truth there’s no such thing. The predictability just kept growing worse and worse, and eventually leds to a godawful climax that you would’ve already guessed from the first 10 minutes. The unsuitable structure doesn’t help in any way, instead it causes a great deal of dullness and zero suspense. Additionally, the movie felt pretty long despite a short runtime. I really couldn’t be entertained by what it had to offer.

Noomi Rapace and Yvonne Strahovski deliver some decent performances but are unfortunately paired with some terribly written characters. The script explores minimal character and story development, and has some terrible lines of dialogue that made me laugh quite a lot. Loads of Cliches and cringe moments are present through numerous scenes and make it even harder to invest in such a story. What could’ve been a decent thriller fails to launch from the very beginning, and that’s just unfortunate.

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