IT: Chapter Two

A beautifully executed sequel - 8/10

by This Is My Review

If you’re looking for a cheap Horror film that relies only on Jump Scares and bloody scenes.... then you’ll be disappointed. IT: CHAPTER TWO was trying to tell a story that held many important messages and lovable characters. If I’m going to judge IT as a pure horror I would say that this sequel wasn’t really scary compared to the first one. But if you really focus on the story and consider IT a continuation, then you’ll realize that IT served ITs purpose perfectly. The movie is beautifully directed, acted and edited. All these elements helped me keep focused although the runtime was too long. I really liked the introduction, they took time to set the right mood and gave us time to familiarize again with the characters. As for the second part, IT was repetitive and even boring at some point. The ending was satisfying and logical, IT was obvious that they followed the book step-by-step which is something I respect when IT comes to adaptations. The movie knew how to keep us interested in the plot and waiting for the ending, a great cast even the new characters were suitable and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise was hilarious... but my favorite character remains Mike and Bill Hader’s performance was perfect. IT: CHAPTER TWO was slightly below my expectations, IT might not be this year’s best horror film.... but IT’s definitely one of the good sequels.

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