Ready or Not

Gory and fun! - 7/10

by The Movie Inspector

An entertaining horror-thriller, Ready Or Not is a gory film that blends in loads of dark comedy which surprisingly elevates the whole narrative. It manages to remain fun and intriguing by keeping one hooked to the story while maintaining a smooth pace.

This here, is one of those few movies that manages to take risks and deliver something not too formulaic, and end up succeeding in the process. It doesn’t take on a serious tone and for the most part, that’s what allows it to succeed. Even though there are a few things that don’t really work, it manages to remain on track to deliver exactly what it promises. To avoid any confusion, I wouldn’t really consider it to be a horror film but rather a thriller that works with some horror elements, it even makes that clear from the trailer. ‘Ready Or Not’ follows a bride who has to take part of a traditional game carried out by her eccentric in-laws before officially joining the family. 

The movie places the lead character in a “Hide Or Seek” situation but with a terrifying twist. What starts off as a joyful ceremony soon turns into a nightmarish game of survival. However, the dark comedy that it inserted all throughout the movie allows it to stand out. Not all of that comedy really works but most of it is able to get you invested and laughing at the ridiculous and bizarre situations on screen. I have to credit Samara Weaving (who happens to be the niece of the great Hugo Weaving) for her terrific and energetic performance. She is the reason that this story works from the beginning, with a lovable character that you’ll slowly start to care for.

The movie gets straight to business with its first act and sets a proper tone with the opening scene. As the movie progresses, that same tone loses balance but doesn’t cut down on entertainment. Theres quite a lot of brutality all throughout and it just works too well with the story. The gore leads to comedy and vice versa, and that keeps pushing the story forward as the tension rises for our lead character to survive this terrifying game. However, the most remarkable and hilarious part is without a doubt the climax. Nothing can prepare you for that explosively hilarious finale that’ll surely leave you satisfied. This movie is well worth a viewing for anyone looking to be entertained by dark comedy and gore. 



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