The Blue Elephant 2 - 2 الفيل الأزرق

Not Your Typical Egyptian Movie - 7/10

by Miriam Atallah - Movie Sharks

The Blue Elephant is definitely not to be mistaken with the typical Egyptian movies you find in the industry.

This film is impressive on so many levels.

Who knew the Egyptians had it in them to beat nearly the majority of Hollywood's latest horror trials?!

Trust me when I say, IMPRESSIVE!

The acting was flawless, the editing was great, the music was nice and the CGI - yes you read that right - the CGI was fantastic! 

Some shaky directing here and there, but all in all the cinematography was interestingly fair.

Now let's get into the debatable part: the plot. 

The crew did a brilliant job of setting the storyline in a way that it's understandable by both: people who've seen the prequel and those who haven't.

While technically there were some minor inconsistencies, the plot did not disappoint in keeping you intrigued and hooked. 

On the other hand, it might make some rebels like me a bit uncomfortable when you see them linking tattoos to satanism and djins to women. 

The hero happened to be a man this time, but from an Arab woman's perspective, it saddens me to have a form of art reinforcing patriarchy when it's expected to give it liberation a form.

Another frail issue here is having a psychiatrist turn to hallucinating drugs in order to understand the truth, and the problem is that he succeeds in doing so, which sends a very unmoral and deceiving message...

Regardless, this is a highly recommended film for twisty thriller seekers.

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