Angel Has Fallen

"Angel (this film) Has Fallen" into a bottomless pit of rubbish and nothing pulls it back up - 3.5/10

by Your Film Buddy

What works? Almost nothing… except the dynamic between Mike and Cliff and their meeting scene about halfway through the film and that’s it.

Starting off, the story is just ok, it is what the trailer teases. They try to shove rational political decisions that are super iffy and family drama. The writers even tried to do some plot twist and moments of “Pulled a sneaky on ya”, but fail; they legitimately do with for the plot is predictable. The directing was ok however there were so many shaky camera scenes that make you wonder "Where are the tripods?" Then you have good performances and that’s a plus but you can’t enjoy them when almost everything is bad. Gerard Butler was great, Nick Nolte had an amazing presence that was really entertaining and Morgan Freeman was also great (I mean he’s amazing with his voice that was used in a couple of inspirational speeches, you hire Morgan Freeman so why shouldn’t you). The VFX were cheap, many shots can be easily busted as CGI or shot in front of a green screen and blurring the shot doesn’t hide it. There were also many inconsistencies between shots and illogical things happening. The action is also not good enough, it fails to entertain or even thrill if you’re just watching for the action. The score is generic. The film doesn't bring anything new and we're still stuck with the same old MVP formula that is just super unbelievable anymore.

I did not enjoy this film at all, I was bored an hour in and I was so happy it ended.

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