Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The Unusual Tarantino Experience - 9/10

by This Is My Review

I have to warn you, nothing in this film feels normal.... I mean nothing!!! “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” was a unique experience. The movie had a special pace, tone and knew to present the action in a different way. The Story was simple and deep. It held many important messages and some of them were really obvious. Acting was the movie’s strongest element, Brad Pitt was perfect for the role and Margot Robbie too. As for Leonardo Di Caprio.... Just give the guy more Oscars please!!! Leo’s performance was amazing and added a huge value to the character. I’m aware that many people might not enjoy it (especially if they’re not familiar with the Director’s Style) but we can’t ignore the fact that Quentin Tarantino portrayed this specific era in a beautiful way and gave us a solid film that had many things to say. The runtime was too long, that was my biggest issue while watching the film. I know that some scenes might feel prolonged or unnecessary at some point, but I guess everything was intentionally added to serve the story and all the scenes helped building the connection with the characters. A Satisfying and artistic experience... “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” is definitely one of this year’s best films.

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