Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

F&F Wannabe! - 6.5/10

by This Is My Review

I really like the “Fast and Furious” movies, they’re entertaining and fun even if they have many clichee and predictable moments. “Hobbs and Shaw” tried to use this formula to create a new franchise.... but the results were below my expectations. The Chemistry between Statham and Johnson was really good just like the other F&F films. Some of the jokes were funny while others were lame and the opening scene was really good. Many scenes were a clear “homage” to the original franchise, as if they wanted to add these moments to remind us of Fast and Furious even if they felt misplaced. The movie’s runtime was my main issue, it was too long with many unnecessarily prolonged scenes. I’m aware that such movies are meant to entertain and nothing more, but many flaws could’ve been avoided especially the spoon-feeding scenes. I’m pretty sure fans of this genre will enjoy every minute of “Hobbs and Shaw” because it gives the audience everything they love to see.

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