Pure dread and horror in daylight - 8.5/10

by Mohammed Al Mazidi - Cinema Trekker

All I can say is finally. I've been hyped for this film for quite a while now, maybe even a year now. Who wouldn't be hyped, since it is from the same man who brought us Hereditary, one of my favorite films of last year, Ari Aster. I finally got to see Midsommar during my travels, and I have to say it was pretty great.
The plot was really well-written with a lot of attention to detail and hidden foreshadowing. That being said, the film does get better with multiple re-watches, to spot these details. The film's buildup is strong, but I felt the payoff could have been better, and less predictable. There was a subplot that I felt was useless to the film. I also have to admit that this film does get weird and unusual, so bare that in mind if you are going to watch it. The characters were appealing, with some being written better than others. I have to give Will Poulter props for his performance and being hilarious in this film. Also want to say that Florence Pugh's performance was fantastic, and definitely rivals that of Toni Colette from Hereditary.
The cinematography was fantastic, and the use of top-down shots were brilliantly used. Also that maypole dancing sequence, pure brilliance. The costume and production design was incredible, and instantly immersed me within the film. The music was also great and helped maintain the tone of the film. The film is over 2 hours long and can feel slow at times, but I never felt that personally and it kept my attention throughout.
In conclusion, this film is definitely not for everyone, but for I for one, enjoyed it and loved it. Is it better than Hereditary? for me no, but it definitely packs a punch. If you love A24 and Ari Aster, if you love to feel unsettled and pure dread? Then you'll definitely enjoy this one. This is indeed as Ari Aster would put it, 'The Wizard of Oz for Perverts'.

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