Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

a 60's Tarantino joyride - 9/10

by Mohammed Al Mazidi - Cinema Trekker

The time has finally come, I am back. After a long month of vacation, I am finally back to write full reviews, and no better film to review than Tarantino's return to the director's chair with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. No doubt, this film has promise, with it's elite cast, influential director, and interesting backdrop. Upon finally seeing the film, I can say that it was loads of fun, and a brilliant love letter to the 60's.
The plot is good, but follows no plot structure whatsoever, so if you are going to follow a regular story structure, then prepare to be disappointed, as this follows the daily lives of actor Rick Dalton and stuntman Cliff Booth. This was alright for me, as Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio's performances were great and carried the film with their brilliant chemistry and Tarantino's great dialogue writing. This also in return disappointed me, as I thought Margot Robbie's Sharon Tate would be more prominent in the film, as her story is the backdrop of the whole film, but she had little screen-time. I have to admit as well, that this film goes full Tarantino, with the feet shots, so be warned. 
The cinematography was great, especially during the night scenes, and the driving scenes, as they showcase the lights of Hollywood Boulevard. The production design is incredible, and the film did a phenomenal job on immersing me in the 60's, especially with the fantastic music choices. Some might find the pacing slow, but I for one did not mind it, and actually didn't want it to end. After-all, it's all worth it for that final act. 
In conclusion, it was a fun film, and I would definitely go and watch it again and again. Tarantino's writing, and the performances from Pitt and DiCaprio keep this film fresh and entertaining throughout the almost 3 hour run-time. I sincerely hope DiCaprio and Pitt act in more films together, as they share a brilliant chemistry, that I for one want to see more of. You can see Tarantino's dedication with this project, and the amount of work that went into it. It will be a sad day, if Tarantino decides to retire after his 10th film, when he has so much left to give. It would not surprise me, if this film became a Tarantino classic in the near future. 


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