Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

An excruciating 3-hour Bedtime Story! - 5/10

by SardonicA

I've always been a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and his weirdly twisted mentality. But this was truly a waste of time and energy. Majorly disappointed with his 9th movie!!!!!

I mean look at it this way, Tarantino managed to recruit the best cast there is in addition to his kickass directing skills, magnetic camerawork and powerful visuals. Yet it fell flat because of two main elements: STORY and SCRIPT.

The story was ridiculously lame; why would I give a damn if Rick Dalton's career is coming to an end because of his horrible choices. You had "Leonardo Di Caprio" for heaven's sake.. abuse his skills bas laaaa222 let's watch him weep like a desperate fuck over some shitty story buildup and slow-paced deconstructed narration.

Script was cold, cheesy and utterly pointless. It kept me at a distance from the cast to an extent that I didn't feel or sympathize with any of them not even once. I literally smiled once throughout the whole three hours and got excited also once around the last blood-packed scene. THAT'S IT! I had that bland emotionless look most of the time.

This could've been a masterpiece but it aimlessly worked up our brain cells and then pushed us over the edge.

It saddens me to say so but NOT RECOMMENDED

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