A Star is Born

A Masterpiece! A Star Is Born is a truly delightful musical that captures every beat and puts every emotion center stage. - 9/10

by The Movie Inspector

A masterpiece! A Star Is Born is a truly delightful musical that captures every beat and puts every emotion center stage. Both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga deliver startling performances that have the capability to shake viewers to their core!

I was completely blown away by this movie and I mean it when I say this is one of the best movies of the year. The movie is beautifully shot, written, directed and acted with most of the credit going to Bradley Cooper for crafting such a moving work of art. ‘A Star Is Born’ follows an alcoholic musician who helps a struggling singer achieve fame while falling in love with her in the process. 

You instantly get pulled into the movie’s thrilling world and it grips you with all the emotion and intimacy of its narrative. One doesn’t even feel the 135 minute runtime pass by due to its highly compelling storytelling. The movie touches on some immensely powerful messages and highlights the numerous conflicts that come with fame and addiction. Viewers are able to completely feel the weight of the movie through the incredible performances that have the ability to tell a story all throughout the two leads’ eyes alone. The soundtrack is beyond harmonious and is able to capture the essence of the characters’ struggles. 

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s chemistry was so dynamic that it worked like a charm. Cooper provides us with one of the best performances of his career, and Gaga was simply breathtaking as Ally and gave out an electrifying performance that proves what a talented artist she is. Another powerful performance in the movie came from Sam Elliot who was able to steal every scene of his. Once again hats off to Bradley Cooper who I’m sure will be acknowledged for his spectacular work come awards season. This movie is a must see and will definitely stick with you long after the end credits, so make sure to watch it as soon as it opens up on the 11th of October!




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