Pupille - In Safe Hands

The Eye on Detail is Sublime - 8/10

by Miriam Atallah - Movie Sharks

A well-accomplished plot that reveals the crucial details often missed in adoption movies.

A movie about adoption, AGAIN?! Yes again.

Yet, this story is not about just another couple that decides to adopt a kid who starts struggling with identity crisis throughout the whole movie to end up finally falling in love and being grateful to his/her foster parents.

This time, the child is a newborn, and the story doesn’t revolve around him.

The angle tackled in the plot successfully dives into the many challenges faced by social workers, adoption organizations and even goes deeper into the biological mother’s psyche and status quo more than any previous adoption film.

For once, she isn’t necessarily a hopeless drug addict.

Now, ever wondered about the complex procedure followed by organizations to choose the right foster parents for orphans?

Pupille exposes it all without cutting the tearful and cute moments short

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